1. Why has this problem not been solved?

There are several reasons: 

A. Not many people are aware of this problem. It is rarely if ever discussed. When people find out that the waste is being thrown into an open unlined pit, they are surprised.

B. Throwing the human waste into a shallow pit was considered acceptable 20 years ago, and no one has come up with anything better.

2. How much will it cost to build the digester (including a solar building over the tank, and a drainfield? $600,000.

3. How long will it take to build the digester including all solar equipment, pumps, the building over the digester, the drainfield and all other components? 1 year. 

4. Who will build the digester and the building and install all of the components? Local contractors who are experienced in such construction projects working in the same high altitude conditions.

5. Who will supervise the construction? A joint Nepalese, British and American management team.

6. Who will operate the digester? The digester will be operated by Nepalese people, supervised by a Nepalese management team.

7. How will the operation of the digester be paid for? It will be operated from the budget from the pollution fees payed by the Everest climbers.

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