Mount Everest, Earth’s Most Respected Place
Climbers on Hillary Step, At Everest Summit.
More Than 1000 People Camp in Everest BC Each April and May

But, It Is Not. Mount Everest Has A Toilet Problem. 1000s of People Visit Mount Everest Each Year, and Their Toilets Are Flushed Directly Onto The Land.

Climbers Eating a Big Meal in Base Camp
Bathroom In Base Camp, With Toilet Drum
Porters Carrying Toilet Drum Away From Glacier
Porters Emptying Toilet Drums Onto The Ground
Porters Emptying Toilet Drums Onto The Ground

Dumping 12 Tons Of Human Waste Each Climbing Season Onto The Ground Is Poisoning Local Sherpas Water Supply. We Must Stop This Now. We Have Designed a Solution.: A Waste Treatment Plant To Make the Waste Into Safe Cooking Gas For the Porters, and Good Quality, Sanitary Fertiliser for Local Farmers. 

Solar Powered waste Treatment Plant To Be Located in Gorak Shep, Nearest Village To Base Camp.
Inside of Waste Treatment Plant near Base Camp, Treats Waste, Safely Producing Cooking Gas and Fertilizer
$600,000 is not a lot. Compare to cost to build a teahouse, now at least $1,000,000, due to high transport + labor cost.

Show Us You Care About Stopping This Pollution

The Problem

The Problem

As climbing Everest has increased in popularity, the population of Everest Base Camp has gone from a few climbers and Sherpas per season to more than 1000 residents each April and May. Their toilets were never properly dealt with, always being dumped onto the ground. Now, the problem has ballooned to more than 12,000 kilos of untreated human waste being poured directly onto the Earth each season. We have to stop this before it is too late!

The Solution

The Solution

We have designed a new, 100% sustainable solution to address this severe problem: a strong and reliable solar-powered human waste treatment biogas system, that purifies the waste, produces good quality farm fertilizer and clean cooking gas for local Sherpas. The system has been carefully tested and works well. We have chosen the exact location and are ready to build it. 100s of people are involved. We need your support. Please Donate Now and Ask Everyone You Know To Become Involved!

International Awards and Media

Award 1

The Mount Everest Biogas Waste Treatment Solution has won a prestigious award from the most powerful international climbing association. This top environmental recognition took 3 years to earn

Award 2

Mt Everest Biogas Project, has been featured in The Economist, on CNN, and in the Washington Post.

Award 1

For 10 years, our all-volunteer team has been designing a solution to clean up the human impact on Mount Everest. 100s of people have joined in and added to the design process. Our design has been fully tested, approved, and licensed. We need you to join us for the next step. Please follow the link below to DONATE!

A message to you from the local Sherpas who live and work in and near Everest Base Camp: Namaste, Tashi Delek! As you know, this problem has really grown out of control. Our water supply is being polluted and we are worried about our children, parents and families becoming sick from this bad water. We need your help to stop this very serious hygiene and sanitation problem. Please Help Us reach our $600,000 goal so we can treat the overflowing toilets of Everest Base Camp Now. Lets not wait any longer. It is time to deal with this problem now. Please remember to tell all of your family, friends, colleagues, and please check to see if your employer matches donations.


Thank you very much. Bless You For Your Kindness. Tukche, Dhanyabhat!!

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